Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awards, Tribes, Egg Hunt & Party, Photos Tuesday


Raegan was awarded a certificate for using her Listening Tool. She was home with a fever on the day of the awards assembly, so she was given it yesterday when she returned to school after her illness. It can be difficult to choose just one student from the many deserving children when it is time to select someone to be recognized for outstanding behavior. Raegan exemplifies the qualities of listening with ears, eyes, heart and mind. She thinks about what the speaker is saying and looks and listens to the speaker when talking.

An important part of listening in school is learning to be still and quiet while a speaker is talking to the whole class. Wiggling can make noises and can be distracting visually. Talking or touching a neighbor makes it very hard for other students to focus on what is being said. Raegan knows how to be still and be quiet while listening during group instruction. So do many other students. But the March award went to Raegan.


Yesterday we had Tribes. Each Tribe was asked to illustrate one of the Toolbox Project Tools. Today Mr. Hanson stopped me in the halls to show me one of the illustrations made for his tribe whose task it was to illustrate the Courage Tool. He told his tribe members to think of a time when they had the Courage to speak up for what was right. "MacKenzie's illustration was particularly striking," Mr. Hanson told me. I would agree.


Thanks to all who contributed to our Egg Hunt and Spring Party. It went off splendidly.

We went over the ground rules for the egg hunt before sending them off looking for plastic eggs hidden in the turf.

Off they ran in search of four bright plastic eggs.

They soon came running back so we could enjoy a party at the tables.


As you know, there is no school tomorrow, Friday. The teachers will be given a follow-up training in the Toolbox Project among other things.

There is also no school Monday. When we return on Tuesday the photographer will be here first thing (Don't be tardy on Tuesday!!!)  to snap a whole-class group photo.

Please dress accordingly, and if fancy shoes are part of your plans, please remember to send along those sturdy and stable playground shoes for the PE lesson that will come later Tuesday morning.

Again, thank you to all who helped make that fun for all of us here.

Happy Trails to you,

Be Well!


Jenn Larson said...

Love the tribe picture, we got to hear all about it at dinner . ;0). And a BIG thank you to everyone that helped at the Easter party. I'm sad I missed it. According to Mackenzie ," it was the best!". Happy Easter everyone.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Jenn,

Yes it was a nice party. Sorry you couldn't be there too.

Thanks for commenting.