Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots going on! Toolbox

With Tuesday night's barbecue and performance, last night's Toolbox Project presentation, and today's ukulele lesson, I've been too busy to post here the way I like to.

But we've been really jammin' in kindergarten. The class is bubbling over with accomplishments. This is the really fun part of the year. For so many students the whole idea of reading and writing begins to become clear to them and off they zoom.

Here are some photos that I took Tuesday, yesterday, and today:

Stasia's symmetrical building

MacKenzie visited KIDS club and nailed the King's cards.

The barbecue spread

Indoors due to the weather, but fun.

Tanner nailed the Queen's cards today.

Raegan has mastered the King's cards.

Rainy indoor recess

Olivia and Stasia enjoy a moment at KIDS club.

Jessica nailed the Queen's cards today.
I sent home today the Homework piece from the Toolbox project for the Quiet/Safe place. I hope that your whole family tries out these activities. I know that even with all my teaching experience I'm finding the skills taught here to be helpful to me personally be who I want to be. Teaching this tool has prompted me to visualize with increased clarity my Quiet/Safe place. It's helped me personally to go there. I have noticed, for example, that I have let go of my frustration, anger, and sadness about my lost rocking chair more quickly than I thought I would. The breathing tool and the Quiet Place Tool have helped.

So, try it, see for yourself if these tools can be of benefit to you.


Alicia Petersen said...

I know Joe and I both had to find and use our Quite/Safe place tool and our breathing tool with what life dealt us today! Good thing for tools!

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, I can easily imagine that the Quiet/Safe place tool might serve you well. The Breathing Tool as well.

Take care, and know you are in my heart tonight.