Friday, March 2, 2012

First and Second Days of March

Pasta Night
Petaluma Veterans Hall
4:45—don't be late!
Saturday, March 3, 2012
Dress: dark pants, white shirt

Okay, to start with, be sure to mark your calendars for the Pasta Night tomorrow and the Kindergarten Barbecue and performance for the school board on March 13. You'll want to be at both events.....

This is the note I sent home today reminding you of these two dates. I am looking forward to tomorrow night because I think the kindergarten will impress you with their performance. I can tell you that our rehearsals have been impressive.

The entertainment is Beatles night. The teachers and principal will close the show. You don't want to miss it.

Second item:

No centers Monday, March 5. 
We have an assembly instead. 

Also the class will be working on the March 13 performance with includes a surprise for the parents. (So Monday parent volunteers, please—go treat yourself with your preferred pampering activity with the time you had planned to spend here.)

And now, the news:

I got a cool ships hourglass for timing the Soundabet mastery sessions. It's more than two minutes, so if your child is in that range, encourage him or her to have a try at mastery.

Kayla Sue got her Queen's Cards as did Vanessa this week.

And that makes their teacher a happy guy.
So we had some "extra" time to play this morning, thanks to Vanessa and Kayla Sue.

I love the connectedness of this structure.

Perennially popular Legos

Our Toolbox Project includes puppet shows to illustrate how the Toolbox tools work.

Here Stasia and Olivia had an opportunity to get to know Rocco the Cat, Grandpa Lempi, and Shelly the Shy Cow. (Racky, there, over Stasia's head, has been a part of the puppet cast for years now.)

Rocco, Racky, Stasia, Olivia, Grandpa Lempi, Shelly

Bella brought a book about a girl named Nancy who likes fancy French things. We all enjoyed it.

Lotsa great vocabulary in this book.

Stasia's book about patience...
We will learn about patience when we study the Patience Tool later this spring.

We finished the fourth book in the Magic Treehouse series.

After the assembly, we'll begin next week with the fifth book in the Magic Treehouse series. Thank you, Ian, for providing the book, and Drew for getting us going on this!

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