Monday, March 12, 2012

BBQ is on. Radishes

The kindergarten BBQ goes rain or shine. I'd imagined shine when I thought of it, but it will be fine in the rain. We can barbecue under the eaves and eat in kindergarten. I hope you can come. 5:30 tomorrow. The show for the board will begin at 6:30 and be done by 6:45.

Vanessa's holding up a Soundabet boy card after reading all her classmates names. Way to go, Vanessa!

For snack Emily brought cut veggies including a rare treat—radishes. Not too many kids served themselves radishes until I told them that radishes are a food that most young children don't enjoy. "You can tell you're growing up when you taste radishes and like them," I said.

Well, soon the radishes you see here found their way onto the youngsters' plates. And most of them were eaten up.

A whole bunch of kindergartners discovered they like radishes today! (At least that's what they told me.)

Be well.

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