Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We started off a new month today. In reviewing the calendar, we saw that there are lots of birthdays and some special events scheduled in February. The next one is tomorrow night, Math Night from 6 to 7 here at the school. The three rooms in the back wing will be open and available for you to take part in a night of activities related to math.

Today we began with mathy patterning activity on the green mat. We saw many interesting patterns including the ones pictured here:

I'm loving the math center on weighing things using a balance scale.

Stasia was proud of her work.

After we finished the formal lesson, Jake stayed on to see what might weigh more than a block and a car. It took quite a collection of items to outweigh those two.

Found a moment to read Emily's book that she brought to school yesterday on her day to share. The class noticed that the text rhymed.

Bianca keeps me organized. Here I've snapped a photo of her going through the book boxes. Bella's noticing that the Go, Dog, Go! book is slightly larger than the others, but from the same series and publisher. It's an interesting sorting problem. Does it belong because it's from the same company or should it be removed because it is a different size from all the rest?

 Ian brought his book about Lego pirate, Captain Brickbeard. This is his favorite page.

In TRIBES Mrs. Everson and my tribe joined up for a game of "Heads Up, Seven Up." It was a fun game. Drew was the only player to never be guessed. I guess he has an unusually innocent face.

Be well.

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