Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2011

Pasta Feed is March 3 @ 4:45
Mark your calendar.
Be there!

We began the Toolbox Project by talking about tools—regular tools that help us do things in the world. 

I asked students to bring tools from home and got a variety of tools.

We also have "inside" tools that the Toolbox Project will teach us about and help us use more skillfully and more frequently to help us work more effectively in our social and emotional worlds. We're already using the breathing tool quite a bit.

Our cooking center this week is involved in making popcorn the old-fashioned way in a pan over a stove top. It was Michelle Higgins' first time to try making popcorn this way, and she really liked it.

It got the kids approval as well!

We've had super-fully charged batteries as we arrive in the morning, so the first move is to go outside for five minutes to blow off steam. The girls play hopscotch or even stay inside.

The boys, most of them anyway, charge around the playground yelling and running enough so we can sit inside and sing a song a few minutes later. Geez, I wish I had that much energy!

Ian brought a lemon juicer. We used it to make orange juice at lunch.

Three boys have learned everyone's names: Cale, Jake, and Tyler. Way to go!


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