Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homework Over the Long Weekend

Ah, what a week! Valentine's Day, Mrs. Everson away for a couple of days, and here we are at the edge of a four day weekend for the students.

I've been so busy both at school and away from school that I haven't had enough time to sleep, let alone blog about kindergarten. Even now I really don't have the time, but I'm going to blog anyway.

We played a game called "Swiper" the other morning. It's part of the homework over the long weekend. Please play Swiper more than once using different objects.

We did a new activity today called "Word Hunt." The idea here is to look at some simple words and see which of them are real words. On the chart below there are 6 regular words and 11 that are not real words. But there are three words that are in between real and make believe words because the sound like real words, but are misspelled. Those in between words are giv, fol, nik.

Can your child read these seventeen real and make believe words? If not, please practice them at home. We'll be doing more like these in the coming weeks.

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