Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

I drove to school through a rain shower. I'm grateful for the rain we've gotten and I hope we receive a lot more rain in the coming weeks.

I smiled when I came through the breezeway and saw that I had forgotten to bring in the towels I had hung the day before to dry in Thursday's warm (70 F) breezes. Somehow, they didn't get dry!

I love the fact that our PE teacher Jane Campbell knows that kids are waterproof. Years ago the slightest bit of moisture on the ground would put everyone inside all day long. But Friday we went out for PE. Everyone survived.

We tried to catch up on our story reading... we heard Kayla K.'s story about a Princess Palooza. I was pleased this time that the boys did not express any displeasure (as they have in the past) at having me read a book intended for girls, even though they may have felt some disgruntlement. That's what good manners are all about.

Kayla and her book

Caleb conquered the Soundabet Queen Cards on Friday. Everyone in kindergarten was very happy about Caleb's success because I gave everyone a longer recess (indoors, rainy) as a reward. My hope is to give added incentive for others to follow Nathan's and Caleb's lead.

Caleb now has a Queen's Card up by his name.

Caleb achieved his milestone as the day began. I scheduled it first thing because I had disappointed Caleb the day before by not squeezing in his request to conquer the Queen Cards.
Caleb's dad, Joe, who brought him to school Friday, looked like he was about to leave. I asked him to stick around and witness Caleb's attempt to vanquish the Queen Cards. So Joe stood by the classroom door to see it all unfold, not that he needed to be asked.

Unbeknownst to me, Joe had an iPhone and took a movie of the event. Had I known he was filming, I would have asked him to come closer for a better view. What I like best about his movie is that I can hear the happy chuckling of a father videographer.

I asked Joe to post the video to Youtube, and he said he'd never done Youtube before. So I asked him to post his first Youtube video. (When he was five 30 years ago, Joe came to my kindergarten, and he's still willing to do little homework assignments from his old teacher.)

So here it is. Please enjoy.

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Alicia Petersen said...

Good thing for technology! Thanks for allerting Joe to stay. This will be a fun video to share and watch forever!
Proud mom and dad here!