Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For Educators: Rethinking Education Paradigms

Here's an interesting talk by Sir Ken Robinson about rethinking what schooling does and how schooling is organized according to historical views. Times have changed, and schools must change with them to best meet the needs of its consumers: students.

Among the many points he makes is that designing schools around testing regimes is tragically misguided.  It is an error that the Chinese educational system has made, with the result that many Chinese students come to the US for post secondary educations. We would do well to strongly question and seriously rethink our infatuation with standardized tests.

We should rethink, too, our collective refusal to adequately fund schools.

It saw it a month or so and I keep thinking about it.

When you've got a bit more than 11 minutes to watch, come back here and see it.

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