Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day #100

Today, Thursday, February 2, 2012 was our hundredth day of kindergarten. We kept only the bare bones of our usual routines so we look at 100 in some different ways.

We began by looking at our collections of 100. There were so many! Not 100, but quite a few. Here—

To start, we gathered all the collections on the rug.

We put 10 black sqaures around the edge....

and put 10 collections on each sqare

There were 8 collections on the final square
and three squares empty.

We counted 68 collections all together.

We shared each other collections at the end.
Baseball cards are fun to look at.

Dylan was proud of his 100 Lego pieces.

Today we added one stick to the 99.....

and made our first SUPER bundle of 100.
 Microwave popcorn is the most familiar sort these days. But its fun to try popping corn in other ways, too. I never tried popping corn on a griddle before, but it works quite well for a kindergarten demonstration of popping corn.
Protect the floor and cover with clean paper

Crank her up to 350, pour on some oil....

and soon you will see some popping.
This activity delighted the class because so many had never seen corn pop out in the open like this.
(Note to teachers and parents who might try this. Be sure to caution your kids to stay well back from the griddle. It's hotter than it looks and would burn if touched. Also, as you can see from the oil dots on the blue paper, the oil spatters as the popcorn kernals fly off the griddle. The hot oil can cause a brief pinprick of burning ouch on bare skin.)

We juiced 100 baby carrots along with a half dozen apples and enjoyed the juice with our snack today.

We had fun most of the day. But when we were riding bikes trying to collectively ride 100 laps we had some girls hurting each others feelings with the tried and true, "I won't play with you" strategy. Oh, it can hurt.

So we finished the day with a little talk about how many warnings I'll give before issuing them a time out the next time that one comes out of their mouths.


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