Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomorrow Mrs. Everson will be away to a training and we'll have partial coverage for her in the morning. In lieu of centers we will have an art project that the whole class will participate together in. If you are a regular parent volunteer on Thursday, you are invited (but not strictly needed) to stay through the regular center time. Centers will resume as usual on Friday.

Here, in eight photos, is a quick look into the classroom today. We began the day simply enough with 1" wooden cubes. I encouraged students to see how many they could stack up. No one did better than the Balzarini kids, Dominic and his big sister Maddie who got a stack as tall as my pointer is long.

Bianca was happy with her effort while Caleb made a more staircase with his cubes.

And you can see Kayla K and Raegan got some pretty high towers. It helps if no one accidentally bumps your table....

Vanessa and Anthony over at table seven go some good things going....

Today was our Fifth Grade Buddy day. In the reading room we had a quiet group working on reading and puzzles.

The Rodriguez brothers made a tall tower.

At story Diana produced a book about Cows that use a typewriter. I have one in my room so we had a look at an forty-plus year old typewriter.... the one I took to college with me. My parents told me it would be the only typewriter I'd ever need in my whole life.....

They were right, of course. Back in 1969 as far as I know, no one had yet imagined personal computers or word processors..... and I grew up in Silicone Valley where they would be invented in the years ahead.

The homework sent home today does not need to be turned in until a week from tomorrow.

Be well.

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