Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today we played our first game of "What's My Rule?" an activity that gives students experience with thinking about sets. We use "Attribute Blocks" for this game. Attribute Blocks have four qualities: color, shape, size, and thickness. Using these qualities we can sort them. Most of the "What's My Rule?" activities require students to figure out the sorting rule someone else used to sort the blocks.

In this photograph you see how the game ended this morning. A child sorted the blocks so that the blocks following the rule were moved to the white paper and the ones that did not were moved to the black surface. Can your child tell you what the rule for inclusion was?

(Answer at bottom of post)

Later in the day, Emily showed how well she did the Soundabet, with microphone in hand.
Clutching her prize
Emily's name on the wall is now decorated with a King's Card.
Emily's in the club

Yeah, Emily!

We celebrated Emily's success with about 25 minutes of indoor play after lunch. She's now in the running for this month's Persistence award.

Dominic concentrated on the wooden cubes. Working intently for most of the period, he surrounded a whole table with them.

Focus and concentrate

[Answer: The rule is: squares and circles are selected to go on white.]

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