Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everyone was here today. I like it when no one is missing. Feels better.

Tonight's homework is to look for the moon on the way to school. If you're driving in from Rohnert Park, it ought to be visible in the western sky, quite bright and prominent. We will sing the next verse of the song about the moon that we are learning this week.

We launched centers. I'm busy getting updated information about each child's progress towards early reading to help me decide who will receive extra instruction in the next couple of months. Other centers are exploring other things including activities that will eventually lead to their making God's Eye weavings. Here Jessica shows me the work she did.

Teri's group with the floor puzzles managed to complete three of them in less than 30 minutes, quite a feat. They posed for a picture next to their completed puzzles: Phoenix, Raegan, Kayla K., and Drew. Good work, all.

Today was our second TRIBES day and everything seemed to go smoothly. The students made hand-made Valentine's Day cards that will be sent overseas to servicemen and women in time for the big day. They were also sent home with a note describing "Operation Shoebox" which is meant to supply them with little essentials that are so easy to come by here at home.

Please remember, tomorrow is Hat Day. Send your child to school in a hat.

See you all tomorrow.

Be well.

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