Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please make it to the end for a couple of announcements.

It's already the last day of January. We're almost to Day #100 (Thursday) when the homework of collecting 100 objects is due. I hope that most kinders can bring in 4 sets of 100 objects in ziploc baggies so we can see 100 100's. That's ten thousand things in all the collections.

Many enjoyable moments today. For one thing, it was Kayla K.'s sixth birthday today. She brought cupcakes which arrived late in the morning, so we enjoyed them (or saved them) as the day came to and end.

Happy birthday, Kayla!

It being the final day of the month we took one last look at our monthly weather record. In January we had more days that were cold than any other. Sunny days came in second with cloudy days not far behind. There was only one rainy day this month. It's, of course, not normal for January in Northern California to be so dry, but the kinders wouldn't have much reason to know that. Worries me, though.

Today was Emily's day to chart the weather.

We welcomed Tanner back from his sledding trip.

Rocco's dad, Andy Poncia showed up with one of his trucks for us to see.

He answered all the questions we could think of. They get about 6 miles to the gallon. Have about 400 horsepower. Ride on 10 $300 tires that last about 100K miles.

We measured one of the 100 gallon fuel tanks. It was 7 kidfeet long.

Andy showed us how it tips up to dump a load of fertilizer.

We all got to climb into the drivers seat and crawl through the cab to get to the other side. Here's Rocco who's been up in the cab plenty of times before with his dad.

We used our kidfeet to measure other things like my six foot long guitar.

The green mat is 14 kidfeet from front to back.

After cleaning up from snack, Bianca made her way down to the green mat and waited their quietly. Thank you, Bianca!

Here we clean up after ourselves. I can remember in August how difficult it was to learn how to do these tasks smoothly. Now it is almost second nature.

After PE we went to the library to listen to a story read by Mrs. Burger and to refresh our collection of books on loan from the library.
I try to get plenty of nonfiction titles.

As a boy, I loved nonfiction. Still do.

Jessica and Vanessa showed up in these outer garments this morning.

And now, for the announcements:

1. Tomorrow, Wednesday is Tribes. Dismissal is at 1:30.

2. There is "Family Math Night" scheduled for February 2, Thursday evening from 6 to 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to visit the other classrooms and see some of the ways numbers and math concepts can be used for pleasure and enjoyment. Here in kindergarten we'll have the familiar Cusinere Rods and perhaps a few other mathy items available for students to use.

Be well.

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