Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One big difference between my younger self as a teacher and the teacher I am today is in my view of repeating activities. When I began teaching more than 30 years ago I had the wrong idea that doing an activity more than once was a waste of time. I worried, too, that the students would find it boring.

How wrong I was! Now I understand that repeating activities is often not just valuable, but often essential to learning. Going back over a lesson or an activity can help it settle down and solidify in the mind of the learner. It's not boring the second or third time because the second time through you're a different person as a learner than you were the first time: you bring a memory of having "been there before."

So, now, with enthusiasm born from experience, I embrace lessons done before.

This morning we went back to the lesson on patterning with craft sticks. The kids knew just what to do and took off. They even got creative and made their own patterns. I particularly like Stasia's use of the square figure in her pattern.

We began a new round of centers this morning. Because we were so short of volunteers, we nixed the literacy center I had planned for me to do so that I could teach a math center using balance scales. Boy, I had fun! We used the balance scales and wrote records of our findings. Below is a photo of the third recording sheets we completed.

Caleb came to school with a story book to share, one called Super Friends Big Heroes. Books like these help keep me more up to speed on today's popular stories. Asking the class, I found that most of the kids could guess the end coming before it did.

Ms. Campbell taught PE today. The clouds were just about to clear out as we finished our PE time.

Lining up is an important part of kindergarten, one a few of us are still working on. (One child is out of frame here.)

In the library we've come to that part of the year when students can choose books for the classroom box of books. The students were very excited to have their choices included. They more than filled the box up.

Mrs. Everson noted that at recess the kindergartners were particularly responsible about lining up, so we got ten minutes time to play on the bars before going home today.

All is well. Enjoy the sun, and

Be well.

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