Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another fine day in kindergarten.

We will start a new round of centers tomorrow morning. I will be giving a benchmark reading assessment to each child as a way of monitoring their progress in this vital area. The results of this will guide me in deciding which students will benefit from the next session of KIDS club.

Today between centers we had the chance to allow a little time for "self-initiated learning activities" which we called "choice time" in the past, but which our grandparents knew as "play" time. This room was filled with the happy, buzzing energy of more than two dozen youngsters fully engaged in their work. I took a couple of photos in the building area:

The kids all know that I am pleased when they show responsibility.

When it was time to clean up, everyone willingly pitched in and worked together to put everything away neatly and without delay. I don't think I have ever seen such a responsible group.

Here is how the students in the quiet room put away the dolls and blankets:
Raegan and Kayla K. led the crew in here.

Today was P.E. day and most of the class practiced the catching and striking skills that are  fundamental to volleyball. Mrs. Campbell asked me to remind everyone that every Tuesday and Friday we have P.E. and to send your child to school wearing playground shoes.

If she feels that the footwear (boots, sandals) might lead to a fall or injury she won't allow your child to participate. These boot wearers did not get to play volleyball but instead walked the track.

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Peggy Broadbent said...

Congratulations for providing a Choice Time for your students!

I’m retired now but taught for many years. In my combined first and second grade, Choice Time for children’s self-initiated learning was an important part of each day. Each of five learning centers provided activities and materials to nurture a child’s excitement about learning. Concrete experiences serve as a background for understandings in the world around them. These provided an extra basis for abstract thought that would be a benefit throughout all academic areas. (Choice Time is appropriate for younger and older children.) The materials in each center were enough to capture the interest of the very brightest students and yet still be appealing to slower or younger children.

See my entries about the importance of providing a Choice Time for all young students.