Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

My best days as a teacher, the ones that I feel happiest as I drive home from work are those days when students make the most important milestone in kindergarten, at least with regard to learning to read. That's the day your child takes the mic and shows the class they know the King's Cards well enough to say them all in a minute and a quarter.

There is now a King's Card by her name....
When your child can do this, it means that he or she is well on the way to becoming a competent beginning reader.

Today Kayla Sue made my day. She made the day for everyone else in the whole class, too, because I tend to tack on about 10 more minutes to bike time at the end of the day. Even better, her mom was there to see her do it. We all cheered, "Hip-hip-Hooray!"
Kayla Sue moments after naming each sound

Also, as you know, in January we are emphasizing the quality of persistence in students. Because it takes real persistence to master the Soundabet, Kayla Sue will be entered into the drawing for the Kindergarten Persistence Award that will be handed out two weeks from today at the Dunham School Assembly on February 6. There are 9 kindergartners who have qualified to enter the drawing to date: Bella, Caleb, Emily, Ian, Kade, Kayla Sue, Nathan, Tanner, and Vanessa.

The weather was good enough to cooperate with our wishes to ride bikes toward the end of the day. Our recent rains have filled the creek with a nice rivulet of muddy water. Before recess this morning we visited the creek to listen to its music.

Cale brought snack and a nice storybook by Caroline Castle about a polar bear called Big Fuzzy. We talked about whether the story could be true or not.

Our math lesson this morning had children make patterns made by laying craft sticks on the floor. In this photo you can see an AB pattern and an AAB pattern right next to it. This is a good activity to do at home. Try some different patterns like AABB and so on. One objective of a lesson like this is to help children see that patterns can be found in color, shape, and even in just the way you sticks down on the ground.

Be well!

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