Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

The first day of 2012 went off beautifully. Everyone seemed relaxed, well rested, and ready for school.

We began the day with an assembly to mark the first Monday of the month.

Assembly in the morning

Students were awarded certificates for kindness. Because kindness of one of the three core values in this classroom, I felt as if this award could be given to any of the twenty eight members of the class. It was not at all easy to decide on just one person to be given the award for kindness. After much discussion and thought it was decided that the winner in kindergarten would be Jessica Martinez.

Without drawing much attention to herself or to her acts of kindness, Jessica time and again has been there to offer friendship to a classmate, to lend a helping hand to her classmates or her teachers. She makes it easy for others to learn because she does what is expected of her and she follows classroom norms and procedures.

Jessica, the kind one

We finished the round of centers this morning begun before the winter break. Tomorrow will be a day off centers, then, Wednesday we will begin a new suite of activities.

Nathan's mom, April Rodriquez was in charge of the sidewalk chalk center today and the kids in her center were treated to some fancy writing of their names. Really artful work. She took a picture and emailed it to me. Have a look:

Click to embiggen

Our math lesson this morning introduced the concept of subtraction. Here we call it "take away" because that phrase describes subtraction in a way that makes it easy for a five year old to understand. We worked several problems on our fingers and got introduced to writing subtraction problems on paper. Some students can read these number sentences. Ask your child to read one to you.

Number sentences, and more tomorrow

Rocco brought a book from home called Five Minute Tales for Four Year Olds. I read aloud what he said was his favorite story, the story in the first chapter of this book. It concerned a dinosaur who loses his job as an ice cream salesperson only to find a worse job as a display dinosaur in a museum. The story ends happily when he is allowed to work as a play structure for neighborhood kids to climb on when they play in the local park.

Rocco's brother's book

Some late morning photos taken as we rode bikes:

MacKenzie wore a rabbit helmet

Jake proudly rides a new bike

With a real hand brake. (There is no coaster brake.)

Two reminders for your calendar:

Wednesday is Tribes. Dismissal will be at 1:30

Thursday is a spirit day: Hats.

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