Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

First thing this morning was to use the Cusinaire Rods. In the past, we've made ABC patterns like the ones you see here.

One member of the class took one look at the Cuisenaire Rods and, remembering the difficulty he had making ABC patterns when we last used these rods, told me emphatically, "I don't know how to do those patterns!"

I had less of an agenda this morning. I wanted to simply trust the children and just see what might happen. I told him, "It's OK. You can make whatever you like." Once he settled down and got his hands going, he made a tiling pattern so original and wonderful, I wanted to share it here:

His neighbor made this:
Don't you love the green hair?
And, as before, we've seen Cuisenaire Rods be used to construct letters and put to use to write.

To construct a name this long would take persistence (our January character trait):

So much more happened today. Bella made it into the King's Soundabet Club. Whenever that happens, I get happy and we celebrate as a class. I'm hoping that we'll see another surge of kids who show the persistence to learn the whole Soundabet.

Persistence is what it takes to master the Soundabet.

Persistence makes it possible to succeed in so many areas of life. It's worth developing, starting even in kindergarten, starting especially with mastering the Soundabet because knowing the sounds that letters stand for will help so much with reading and writing.

We sang birthday songs to Stasia who turns six tomorrow. She's going to celebrate her birthday by camping along the coast with her family. Fun! Ian brought cookies to class to share with his classmates at snack. He turns six on Sunday. We'll sing for him on Tuesday when we return after the long weekend.

A Request

Is there anyone out there who is handy with a sewing machine? About ten years ago a mom made me the curtain on the window.

It's served long and well, but the poor thing is looking a bit faded and frayed these days. It's even developed a tear along the hemline.

So if you have the skills to replace it, talk to me. I'd be happy to reimburse the costs of materials and to leave the design and choice of fabric to you.

Thank you!

Finally, I hope you enjoy the long weekend that's just about to start. The kids in class easily guessed what I've got to in mind to do right after school today. I'll bet you can, too.

Be well.

More about Cuisenaire Rods—


Anonymous said...

I would love to make you a new curtain.

Alicia Petersen said...

My mom, Caleb's grandma, is great aw sewing!! She made my wedding dress! She would love to make a new curtain for the classroom. All we need is measurements. I can get them next week if you're ok with us moving forward. Just let me know.

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Alicia. Michelle's already got it done. Thanks to all you guys.