Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012 — Birthday Party Invitations

In view of the many birthday celebrations that are coming up soon, and in lieu of the usual daily news updates, please read the following reminder. A very similar message will also be sent to you on paper in tomorrow's Friday folder.


Dear Parents,

Birthdays can be happy occasions that create lasting happy memories. And yet birthday parties can inadvertently hurt feelings too—through exclusion.

In these difficult economic times it is not always possible to invite everyone. Your child may want to have an expensive party. Or there may be a classmate your child would simply prefer not to invite. These are just two of several sensible reasons you may decide not to include every kindergartner. But if you decide to leave even one child off the list, your decision could result in hurt feelings.

To minimize hurt feelings I offer some guidelines and ask that you observe them, joining me in my effort to promote happiness.

  1. If possible, please invite everyone in kindergarten to your party. This may mean planning an inexpensive party at a public park.
  2. If you cannot accommodate all students, include all the boys or all the girls. 

In either of these cases above, it is okay to distribute invitations through the classroom. Please give your invitations to me or Mrs. Everson rather than putting them in the cubbies yourselves.

If your invitations do not include everyone, then please: 

  1. Distribute invitations outside of kindergarten—phone, email, or mail them instead—and 
  2. Tell your child not to mention the party at school even to the party’s host. Not a word before, not a word after.
  3. If your child receives an invitation to a party that you believe does not include all kindergartners, likewise tell your child not to mention the party at school. Not a word before, not a word after.

Today I talked with the class about these guidelines. Everyone seemed to understand them, but a one-on-one discussion with a parent would really help drive these points home.

Thank you.

Mr. Gurney

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