Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our first day of Tribes went very well. All the kindergartners made it over to their Tribe and back. The idea of tribes is to increase the number of people here who know—and are looking out for—the kindergarten class.

Each kindergarten student now has about one staff member and about 10 older children who are connected through their Tribe and will help keep them safe, happy, and kind at school. As the years go by your child will stay in the same Tribe and eventually become an older student helping to care for the kindergartners of the future.

Soon after they arrived these three girls asked me to take their picture.

Quite a structure built out of the cardboard bricks.

Kayla K was in a center where she was asked to make a pattern with the shells. We see many linear patterns like AB patterns as well as the occasional ABC pattern. We were impressed by this radial sunshine like pattern that Kayla made.

Ian brought a book about friendship, Little Bear's Special Friend. It tells the story of a friendship that develops between a bear and a snowman that must end with the spring. It teaches that friendships can be interrupted by circumstances even though we may wish we could keep our friends forever.

Ian also brought a snack that proved VERY popular with the class. Those precooked lightly salted soybeans in pods [brand name Okami's Organic Edamame] are really popular. Kids ate them right up.

In the store, they look like this:

On the plate, they look like this. I had to take the picture quickly. This guy lost his nose, eyebrows and smile right away.

Get outside, and be well.

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