Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011, take two

The warm, sunny afternoons make it seem like it's still a long time until Christmas. But, gee, it's less than a week away. I cannot remember school being in session this far into December—it sure helps that the weather feels so Octobery.

I spent a fallish Saturday paddling on Tomales Bay in weather that seemed as if it were a week before Halloween. I guess the winter solstice isn't until Thursday, so this IS still fall as reckoned by the solar calendar.

Mercifully (for me) Sunday morning in Sebastopol was appropriately gloomy and foggy, so we got our Christmas tree from a local farmer and trimmed it and decorated the house. Our house is ready for the big day.

Enuf of that! School news.

We started the day with linking cubes, a math manipulative. We saw math-like patterns. By now almost everyone has grasped the AB pattern and can show their mastery. Here's a black white pattern that Bianca made.

We see also some artistic and imaginative uses of these cubes. Stasia made a pony and I made a rider for it.

We got a visit from a dog who works (in the dog's mind, he plays) in law enforcement this morning. He was a friendly, intelligent dog. (Sorry, no names here to keep anonymity of our visitor.)

In centers among many other things, we are making books composed of holiday words written on card stock roughly the size of business cards. Phoenix and Raegan did some really good work this morning.

At story time we were able to finish the book that Madison shared last Friday, Bear Stays Up.

Nathan brought a book he got at the book fair called City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems. It was a very enjoyable book to read. Great illustrations, touching message. I loved it. Children's books are so good nowadays.

We were able to ride bikes today! Yeah! The weather was perfect for it. It may be the last kindergarten bike day of 2011. I'm glad the kindergarten was able to get through the snacktime clean-up period without getting too noisy.

Be well.

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