Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011--Tribes Tomorrow

Today's schedule
Emily brought snack and a book today. The class enjoyed Pete's a Pizza and the apples and graham crackers she shared.

Tomorrow is Ian's day to share.

We started off the day using the rods to make A-B-C patterns using three colors of blocks. Here are several examples of student work.

After several minutes of pattern making I turned them loose. Jackson made this long-legged human figure.

Anthony made this face.
He seems to be a good listener

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Please remember to order a lunch or send one along with your child.

The kindergartners will go to their TRIBES groups in the afternoon. We talked about the purpose of the TRIBES program—to enrich the connections among students across grades.

Each tribe consists of an adult leader and about a dozen students made up of representatives from all grades kindergarten through sixth.

Please remind your child of who their adult leader will be. Here is the list below showing the adult leaders.

Aidan—Mrs. Burger
Anthony—Mrs. Schmidt
Bella—Ms. Fisher
Bianca—Mrs. Everson
Cale—Mrs. Lehmann
Caleb—Mrs. Amador
Diana—Mrs. Lehmann
Dominic—Mrs. Wilde
Drew—Mr. Gurney
Dylan—Mr. Gurney
Emily—Mr. Hanson
Ian—Mr. Hanson
Jackson—Mrs. Schmidt
Jake—Mrs. Campbell
Jessica—Mrs. Schmidt
Kade—Mrs. Carter
Kayla Sue—Mrs. Buckner
Kayla K.—Mrs. Burger
MacKenzie—Mr. Hanson
Nathan—Mr. Hanson
Olivia—Ms. Fisher
Phoenix—Mr. Schaible
Raegan—Mr. Gurney
Rocco—Mrs. Amador
Stasia—Mrs. Schmidt
Tanner—Mrs. Everson
Tyler—Mr. Hanson
Vanessa—Mrs. Wilde

Finally, unlike other Wednesdays, you cannot pick up your kinder student a tad early to avoid traffic. On this one, you have to use the parking lot. Expect a traffic jam. Pick up is at 1:30 from the kindergarten room.


Be well.

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