Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday and Tuesday, December 12 & 13, 2011

We started off the week with an exploration of Zoobs, and interesting building pieces that were inspired by biological creatures. We saw:

linear linkages

interlocking squares,

free-form free-standing structures towers that had a Dr. Seussian quality, and

more complex three-dimensional constructions:
Stasia made this one for Dominic.


We began the day writing on slates words like:

Dinosaur (we spelled in "dinosor" for the purposes of this informal lesson)

We visited the book fair today. It's in the library. See below for more information on it.

Kade brought a book to share, The Little Snowflake. It's about a snowflake that wanted to be part of a snowman. The snowflake wound up being a sparkle in the snowman's eye.

In P.E. today, Mrs. Campbell had the kindergarten practice their skipping skills with the assistance of personal coaches from first grade. It was a very successful lesson.
Most kinders can skip.
We had a few minutes at the end of PE to enjoy the lovely winter sunshine outdoors on the "big playground."

A couple of reminders:

Pickup tomorrow is at 1:30. This would be a good time to visit the Scholastic Book Fair in the library. It will be open for business then. If you cannot visit it in person, you can order books online and benefit Dunham by ordering through this link:


Thursday is pajama day. Students can bring a small stuffed animal along on this day. Bring shoes good for playground use. It's still a bike day!

That's all for now.

Be well.

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