Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Just two weeks of school left before winter break. Boy, does time fly.

We started off the day making snowman holiday ornaments for the tree in the community room. Room mom Alicia Petersen organized this activity and they came out great. They're the first out on the tree. Thank you, Alicia!

Holiday spirit!

Tanner's got a nice seasonal smile.

My center group continues to sing and play the ukulele. We're a small group of roving musicians spreading some winter cheer around the school each morning. So fun, and such a great way to introduce the fun of making homemade music, the very best sort of music in my estimation.

It was Jake's day today and he brought a book about Corduroy the bear inspired by the book by Don Freeman. I read the original book a little while back. In this one, Corduroy wishes for the happiness of others and finds a greater happiness for himself, a good story with a good message.

Wishing happiness for others...

Jake brought apples and cheese goldfish crackers for snack. See?
Jake's snack—yum!

Next week is the Scholastic Book Fair held in the library after school. It is a good place to buy some holiday books and to support your local PTO at the same time. Proceeds from this book sale will benefit the educational program at Dunham.
The truck delivered the books this morning.

I hope you enjoy the weekend. Maybe some rain Sunday. If so, I hope that you will enjoy the comforts of home, hearth, and family.

Be well.

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