Monday, December 5, 2011

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The recent gaps in posts to this blog have been due mainly to waiting until the permissions form were returned.

I now have all but five of them back. Please send in yours if you have not already done so. [Still missing forms for kids with these initials: S.C.,  O.H.,  J.B., C.D., K.H.]

 Today Tanner showed he knows the whole Soundabet and went home with his deck of Queen's cards.

His name has the King Card on display by it now.

I am very pleased that so many students have already reached this milestone and that so many others are so very close. Kudos to all of you who are practicing it every day.

 Jewelry in Kindergarten 

 Mrs. Everson and I have noticed an increase in jewelry worn to kindergarten. I cannot see any really good reasons for young children to wear jewelry to school. I can see several reasons NOT to bring it to school.

 Jewelry can:
  •  distract students from their lessons;
  •  cause envious feelings among those who do not have it; 
  •  egg on classmates to do the same, maybe even more and better;
  • increase costs to families who might have other priorities for money;
  • cause sad feelings when it is lost, damaged, or broken. 

Too many minutes of recess has been wasted looking for a lost earring in the wood chips instead of getting active exercise on the bars.

 Please keep jewelry at home.

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