Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our first "full day" went very well. Reports from the lunch time supervisors were all positive. The longer schedule meant that we had time to actually play for a bit, something we haven't found time for in quite a while now. There was some great sharing and cooperation, and the clean up got done lickety split.

I sent home a note with permissions for the blog. Please read and return. It goes into effect starting tomorrow, December 1. Thanks.

Here, in the meantime, is a peek at the activities so far this week.

Monday morning began with some open-ended exploration of the math rods. I saw a variety of work.



A rocket ship

A-B patterns

Faces—reminds me of an old Apple Macintosh icon


Soundabet mastery....

Ian did it today.

Our longer schedule permitted time to get out the building blocks, playdough, etc. Here are a few things that were built with the wooden blocks.

November's weather record. Lots of sun in California!
 Tomorrow will be our first time with fifth grade buddies. I think it will be fun. It usually brings out the best in both the fifth graders and the kindergartners.

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