Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News Item of Note:

(a note similar to this was sent home with your child today)

Wednesday Dismissal Times

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30, the kindergarten schedule on Wednesdays only will be extended through lunch to dismissal at 1:15. Remember to order a lunch by phone from the school or pack a lunch for your child to enjoy. The procedure at lunch will be very similar to what they did on the Walk-a-Thon day.
Our 1:15 dismissal—15 minutes before the other grades—is intended to increase safety while also relieving parking lot congestion. If you have students to pick up in grades 1 through 6, you may come a little bit later and pick up your other children at their usual 1:30 dismissal time.
Please share this information with all people (relatives, family friends, etc.) who might pick up your child at dismissal on Wednesdays. Thank you.
All kindergartners not in daycare must be picked up here from inside the kindergarten classroom.  Come early, park your car, and get your child from inside the room. Remember to hold hands in the parking lot.

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