Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

We started off the week with an assembly, as it is the first Monday of the month.

Caleb Petersen
Awards were given for exemplifying RESPECT, the value and character trait of October. The award went to Caleb Petersen who shows respect for the adults at Dunham as well as for his classmates. In the first 52 days of school Caleb has consistently shown respect for not only the people here—he also shows respect for our procedures and norms. He does everything expected of him and more.

November's values are HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. We started talking about those values in class today. Honesty must be coupled with kindness to be of benefit in our school community, so we'll be talking about telling the truth, but adding the filter of kindness so that the truth doesn't hurt.

Our math lesson involved a little work in probability theory, done at the kindergarten level.

Take three ice cream sticks and color one side red.

Color the reverse side green.

Now, drop all three on the floor and pay attention to how they land: 

Are they all red or all green? Then say they came up the SAME

If the sticks come up mixed green and red, say they came up DIFFERENT.

Do this again and again. What do you think? Will they come up half the time SAME and half the time DIFFERENT?

We repeated this procedure 29 times and came up with a result which I'll show at the end of the post.

in other news.....


We started a new set of centers today. Thanks to the parent volunteers who stayed later than usual due to the Monday assembly. In my center I'm giving assessments that you'll hear about at the parent conferences later this month.

We managed to get out for bicycle time, shortened to a quarter hour, but enough to pick up trash around the playground.

There was enough time for Raegan to practice her new two-wheeling skills.

Yeah, Raegan!!

And so, loyal readers, 

we tallied our 29 tosses of the red/green sticks and this is the result:

Try this at home and see if you get similar results...

Till tomorrow,

Be well.

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