Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

What a great day! Some days are more full of happiness than others. Today was one of those days.

We began the day simply enough—sorting math blocks by color and seeing which color had the most blocks at each table.

 I showed some of the tables how a ruler can be used to quickly find out how many blocks were in a stack. (These blocks are actually rods with square cross sections exactly 1 centimeter wide and thick so using a centimeter ruler works great for quick counting.)

We will use these rods more later on in the year on Monday mornings.

 We found the missing piece for the fire engine floor puzzle. Tanner, Caleb, and Nathan put it together.

 Nathan became the first member of the class to be able to name all the Soundabet cards within 75 seconds. To honor this educational milestone, he gets a deck of Queen's cards so that he can repeat the feat in lowercase letters. He gets a King's card up by his name on the wall, and, to sweeten the deal, we got extra bike time today. Any and all kids who join Nathan in the King's club will receive similar treatment.

 Tanner brought a happy snack of string cheese, little tomatoes, and round crackers.

 He also brought a seasonal book to share with the class.

 Here we are enjoying the late morning sunshine outdoors and happy.

The morning ended with Ian getting all the names of all his classmates. This heart is up by his name to commemorate this milestone.

Later on in the afternoon I was pleased—very pleased—to find out that Vanessa has learned almost every Soundabet. She's going to be joining Nathan in the King's club before long.

Yeah everyone.

Be well.

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