Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We got the day underway with another round of "Roll and Read."  There were nine cards in the pocket chart when we began

And soon it looked like this.

We sang the song "Muffin Man" to open the day. We substituted other food words for the word "muffin" in the song. If the new food word had two syllables we would say "Yes, we know the ____ man." If more or less than two syllables, we sang, "We don't know the _____ man."

The kids in my center were introduced to the ukulele today and played two songs for their classmates.

They were good.

Two kinders joined the growing group of children who know everyone's name.  Phoenix and Vanessa, way to go!

Things got too busy at recess for me to prepare the homework in time to put in the cubbies, so the homework page will go home tomorrow. It's 2•8 "Coin Detective in the HomeLinks books.

Be well.


Mr. Fuqua said...

I emailed you a few months ago about teaching uke to kindergarteners. I teach kindergarten in Indiana, and after I talked to you, I got some ukes for the kids. My parent-teacher group bought one for every kiddo this year! What songs do you introduce first? So far, all my kids know a "c" chord, and a few are working on "f" and "g7". I put colored dots on the frets to help, but I guess that's cheating a bit.

I'm sure you've probably heard of the story Abiyoyo, it's about a boy that puts a giant to sleep with his uke. My students love it!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Mr. Fuqua,

I start with "Row Your Boat" because all you need is that C chord, well if you ignore the chord change right at the end, as I do to start.

I don't think it's cheating to use dots on the fretboard. I use them. My ukes come with dots on the fifth, seventh, and tenth frets. I add one for the C chord to start with.

I also teach "They All Asked for You" a song that has only the C chord in the refrain. It sounds good. We're not ready (not even close yet) to try for the F and G7 chords yet. Kudo to you for getting ukes for your K's.