Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The chart below shows the plan for the day as it looked this morning before I opened the door. There are at least two mistakes in it. Can your child read this list of activities and tell you two of the things shown on the chart that we did not do today? [Answer at end of post.]

The opening lesson this morning was "Reading Magic" in the pocket chart. Singing the sounds of these words in one note really helps the students blend the sounds into words. Each word on the chart suggested a song for us to sing together.

Tonight's homework is "I Spy with Geometry" on page 9 in the Home Links book. We played this game in class today.  Also, go outside at about 7:00 PM this evening and look in the eastern sky for the full moon. Fog permitting, I'll be looking at the same moon from my canoe this evening as it rises over Tomales Bay. A full moon paddle. What better way to spend the final day of your fifth decade?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have a special math project we'll do tomorrow. 

We're going to have a morning off centers and catch up with our rained-out bike day. If you're one of our regular Thursday volunteers, well, you've got the day off. Or, bring along your adult bike and join me for a few laps around the playground. It's fun.

[Answer to the question about what we did not do: We did not have PE or Library today. We also did not read Bianca's story today as planned. It will have to wait until tomorrow.


Alicia Petersen said...

3 things:


2- We will be bringing in apples from our tree tomorrow for Caleb's snack day. Just an FYI incase you wanted to attempt the juicer again!

3- I was thinking of organizing a quick kindergarten playdate this Sunday from 11-1 at a park in Cotati or Rohnert Park. I would send out and email to the k list and put a small flyer in the Friday folders. Just want to get your ok first and any of your suggestions. As soon as I hear from you I will send out an email and print flyers.

Thank you

Dan Gurney said...

Alicia, thank you! It has been a wonderful birthday. I've written about it in the subsequent post.

I think we'll slice the apples. Unless you have a gajillion. Then, maybe the juicer.

Playdates always good. I expect to be out of town this Sunday (a continuation of my birthday celebrations) but go ahead and put out the info and the flyer. I think these meet-ups are a really good idea.