Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dominic's day today. We looked at different ways 9 can be written. Can you think of any others? Sure you can: think about how 9 might appear on a pair of dice. How many ways can 9 show up on a pair of dice?

On three dice?

Four dice?

Some different 9's.

My first grade teacher told me that the numeral nine reminded her of a balloon on a stick. (In the picture above, the balloon has a firetruck on it.) For some reason, that stuck with me, and I've been passing that idea along for some years now.

Here a group of students get the teens in order. 
Diana and her Dora book.

Nate knows everyone's name. Only Nate.
To practice saying everyone's name, visit the post at this link:

The whole class is pictured here: First Day Faces.

C'mon, you guys. We can do this.

See you tomorrow.

Be well.


Alicia said...

I just went over the class pictures with Caleb. (Good thing to do on a sick day) He knew everyones name!! Second time around he got stuck on MacKenzie. But he got them all the 1st and 3rd time! I think it's time for Caleb to show everyone he know the names!!

Dan Gurney said...

We missed Caleb today and we all sent him get well wishes from the classroom.

Today Kade named everyone, so now there are two hearts up on the wall. Sounds like Caleb will be #3. All boys!! Keep practicing, as it is easier to do at home on the computer than in front of the whole class while holding a mic.

Tell Caleb hello and get well from all of us here.