Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My wife and I have had our eyes on those snappy Mini Cooper S editions. A joy to drive and not bad on gas.

I finally decided to spring for one.

I got it yesterday, blue, with a Union Jack painted on the roof.

Half a can of shaving cream can make for some good practice in writing numbers:

Set up is easy.

Prepare the writing surface.

And work on those numbers.

 Four comes in two styles: goalpost style and sailboat style.

By the time we finished cleaning up, the table tops were as clean as you could ever want them to be. Our class has really learned to take responsibility and shown initiative in maintaining a clean and orderly classroom environment. They take pleasure in the work because it's not pretend work; it's real work.  Here, Bella and Anthony take care of the last of the table cleaning tasks.

Mrs. Everson sent me this photo of Vanessa and Diana because it was their first time on the swings all by themselves. Another milestone.

We will start new table groups tomorrow.

Here's a preview:

Here's a note that should have gotten in your hands. (Just in case it didn't.)

Be well. See you tomorrow.

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