Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dylan's day, but he was sick, so I decided to assign to Kade the privileges connected with person-of-the-day since yesterday he had achieved, as Nathan did before him, the important milestone of learning everyone's name.

Today that honor went to Tanner. Tanner got a round of applause from us all at the end of the day when he took the mic around the mat and named everyone present. For that he gets a heart with his name....
There's a happy kid!

To display proudly high on the wall.
A distinction only 3 can claim

I know Rocco and Phoenix are close. How about the girls? C'mon, girls, someone show you can do it too! You can use this link to see the post where everyone is pictured with a name to go with it:

Click this link to practice: NAMES


The math lesson today involved using an Estimation Jar and guessing the number of objects inside it. I used the jar holding clothespins with the students names on them. There are 28 kids in the class, so, as you might guess, there are 28 clothespins in the jar.

Here is my record of one of the groups guesses about the number of clothespins. Kade's guess of 31 was the closest to 28 of all the guesses in kindergarten which ran from 9 to 5,800.

Count the clothespins.
While one group was in doing math with me, the other group went out into the Dunham School garden to paint some pictures.

Despite the gray overcast skies, we got out on the playground about bikes. It was, after all, a green shirted bike day and 11 kinders showed up in green shirts.

It was another fine day at school.


Some of you got notices about participating in KIDS club. The program starts on Monday, October 24. If you have questions, I invite you to call so we can arrange to meet for a quick parent conference about it.

Be well.

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