Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday and Friday

Yesterday was one of those "lulu" days—a cavalcade of catastrophe—or so it seemed to me by the end of the day. In the larger scheme of things, it was really no big deal, but I was glad when the school day was over and I got to go home and go to the doctor to get my flu shot.

Some days are like that, even in kindergarten.

Today was much better. It was "Red Ribbon Week's" last day, a day to wear red. It happens I wear red every Friday anyway in honor of my Georgia Bulldog son in graduate school there, so it was no prob to put on a red shirt. The majority of the kinders wore a red shirt too. I especially like Kayla K.'s shirt which features Rule #2:

I snapped a picture of Jessica's happy snack yesterday, too:

Pretzels can put a smile on your plate.

In math I'm exploring how many objects can go into an estimation jar before students actually start to estimate.

100% of the students correctly  "estimated" the number of pumpkins in this jar:

All kinders  correctly "estimated" the number of shaker eggs in this jar:

0% correctly estimated the number of clothespins in the jar below. I got only a few guesses near the actual number.
The correct answer is twenty eight.

I found that five year olds start to break down at 5 objects in the jar. I remember reading that preliterate human cultures don't have numbers that go much past 10. These people don't apply numbers for quantities more than ten. Instead they use descriptions such as "lots of" or "many."

In other news....

The first grade visited during our snack to recite a Halloween poem for us. We were an attentive audience:

After snack, while the KP crew was restoring order to the table area:

Others were intently studying hidden images in one of the books from the library:

While still others were studying the Soundabet Cards that Archy has mastered so far. 

Raegan showed that she knows everyone's names.

She adds her heart to the wall of fame.

Mastering the Soundabet will be a major focus on between now and the holidays. Once all 41 sounds are mastered, students can start to read and write with much greater ease, confidence, and satisfaction.

I hope you have a good weekend. For me, I'm planning to enjoy a daylong ukulele retreat with my ukulele club on Saturday and then a fantastic paddle on Sunday with my kayak club.

Be well.

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