Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Years Ago.... Chris Sparrow was here

Some years ago a remarkable kindergartner came through here, a boy who had plenty of pluck and gumption. He's one of those kids you never forget, and he's nice enough to tell me that I was one of his favorite teachers.

Chris happens to live in Sebastopol, not far from me, and we've kept in touch over the years as we see each other around town.

Chris Sparrow has been profiled in the Press Democrat before when he was at Analy High School. Today he is the subject of Bob Padecky's column. If you have a few moments, I encourage you to click over and read about a young man who embodies the kind of courage and determination we all wish to see in the coming generation.

To read the column about Chris go HERE.


dtarca said...

What a great story! I loved his quote "My goal is not to quit and to not finish last"...had to laugh as I've often felt the same in a race! What an inspiration...

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks Debbie. We place WAY too much value on competition in our culture. Cooperation is what makes life possible. I'd tell Chris that it is okay to finish last, even.