Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Happy Birthday

Imagine spending your birthday with 28 five year-old friends who really like celebrating birthdays. It's good. Two students rode on two wheels for the first time, and boy that feels good to me, almost like a present.

Add to that celebration folks who may be a bit older than five, but work alongside you with children. Carry with you a memory of spending the night before paddling with your wife and friends on Tomales Bay to see the October moon rise over calm waters.

Life is good!

Last night's full moon paddle
The older I get, the more I like flowers....

We got started with some reading magic. 
We turned over one card at a time and discovered the message.

Aidan rode on two wheels today!

So did MacKenzie Mrs. Everson has the touch!

Phoenix can make it across all 17 rungs.
My math lesson today came out of my imagination, not the math textbook. I wanted to see if I'm older than a bunch of kids put together.

First, I made a linking cube train to show my own age. Since I'm sixty, I made six columns of 10 cubes.

60 cubes, one for each birthday
I put them together into one long train.
all in one row

I had a group of kids choose a favorite color and put together a model of their age. Most were five. We then linked all 11 of their cubes together, end to end.

My age is more than the combined ages of 11 kinders.

I'm older than all these guys put together.
After math, we got down to celebrating. A lot of people brought in good things to eat.

Party time!

Bianca and her book
Participation in "Green Shirt" day is rising.
The green shirt crew—15 of us

Cards and gifts galore
Everyone, thank you for a fun and memorable birthday.

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