Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

What a wonderful day it was today!

I had a great weekend too. Yesterday I went paddling—

Me in the Estero Americano, near Valley Ford

Halloween in kindergarten was fun. We had a craft project in the centers time slot with many of the regular parent volunteers sticking around to assist. Here are some of the resulting Halloween decorations:

Jack O'Lanterns



Kayla brought snack today–cheese puffs formed into balls that easily rolled out of hands and on to the floor. Without my asking Kayla K. got out the dustpan and brush to clean up the floor, even though she did not drop the cheese puff. This sort of initiative and responsibility makes me very happy.

Bella likewise showed initiative

As did Vanessa

So we got out for some bike time, green shirts to the front.

Halloween party with parents to help

Holiday coloring

Cookie decorating

Finding goody bags in the cubbies

Ready for the parade #1

Ready for the parade #2

Ready for the parade #3

Ready for the parade #4

The Sheriff showed up to lead the parade

We walked in sweet autumnal sun.
Okay, I gave the kids a bit of a talking-to about listening and being safe out there tonight. Safe-happy-kind. Good ideas to have at hand on Halloween night.

Be safe, be well.

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