Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before getting to the news of the day, here are three things worth noting:

1. As I did last week, I forgot to put the homework notes in the cubbies by pick up time. The usual day for homework is Wednesday. So here's a photo of the slip of paper that is now in your child's cubby. It's not due till Friday anyway.

2. Please be aware that we have two maladies making its way through the classroom: (a) Pink Eye, and (b) Hand and Foot and Mouth Disease. Believe me, we've seen both of these before and we'll see them again. I want you to know this because knowing might help you figure out what's going on if your child seems off. Here's a little more information about the latter disease from the web:

What is hand-foot-and-mouth disease?

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is a common childhood illness. It causes sores in the mouth and on the hands, feet, and sometimes the buttocks and legs. Mouth sores can be painful and may make it hard for your child to eat. The disease is not serious, and it usually goes away in a week or so.
It can occur at any time of year, but hand-foot-and-mouth disease is most common in the summer and fall.

There is link for more information about hand and foot and mouth disease at the end of this post.

3. Thank you to Alicia Petersen for volunteering to serve as room parent this year as well as lending a hand on Tuesday mornings. Support from parents make it possible for us to do what we do around here.

Now, then, on to

News from Kindergarten.

Your children continue to delight me with little touches of care for their world.

Today Bianca showed me how—all on her own—she decided to neaten up the plastic container of eraser-towels for the chalkboard slates.

Rocco remembered yesterday's review of the shapes we've discussed—triangles, squares, rectangles—and assembled those shapes into a drawing of a house similar to the one we did yesterday.

It was Phoenix's day today. His picture of Michael Jackson adorns the wall near the front of the classroom. There's power in that stance. He looks like he could Moonwalk right off the page.

Stasia's abstract concentric painting on the other side of the room is just striking.

We did a little reading magic by blending these sounds into words. I wonder if your child is able to read the words to you. (Provide help as needed.)

We earned a few minutes for play time indoors for the first time in quite a while. Students enjoyed using the newly available linked roadway.

Dominic was fascinated with the process of making balls from playdough. He made quite a few.

Be well.

Link to more information: Web MD

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