Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two days until Fall begins. Fall is my favorite season in California. The weather along the coast is at its very best and the work here in kindergarten feels so important. We finish the process of getting the class together and moving in the direction of learning... and then the progress towards literacy and numeracy begins to accelerate. It's especially satisfying to watch "the lights go on" as kids get how reading works.

We began new centers this today. The math center has an activity about making patterns from natural found objects. Here are two done this morning. Olivia did two ABAB patterns: the top one, leaf, eucalyptus button, leaf, eucalyptus button. the bottom pattern goes: eucalyptus button, juniper, eucalyptus button, juniper, eucalyptus button, juniper. Good job Olivia.

Phoenix made a pattern I don't expect to see as I haven't shown it to the class as of yet. It's an ABCD pattern: juniper, eucalyptus button, pebble, stick pattern repeated twice. Cracking good job, Phoenix.

Yesterday we used tangrams (a special set of 7 geometric puzzle pieces developed as far as I know in China) to make designs and shapes. Some of them are shown below.

A rabbit

A face

A redwood tree

Jackson's penguin

The class found out that Archy can dance and that he loves to dance. He can dance with enough enthusiasm to make it appear that his arms work.

More tomorrow about the days activities.

Be well.

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