Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scenes from Kindergarten

I pulled out the camera a couple of times today to catch the students in action. Have a look.

From the Farmer in the Dell: The cheese stands alone

Nathan's the first to learn everyone's name.

Plyaing Duck-Duck-Goose

Bike day in splendid autumn weather
Rocco's dad bought him some new wheels for the kindergarten year. Got a good Jamis Laser from a local bike shop. Nice machine, proud rider.

Here are some words your child might be able to read to you. Provide help sounding them out as needed.

It was another fine day in kindergarten. The students are really moving along well—it's fun to teach them!

Tomorrow we'll have a day off centers for an art project for a PTO fundraiser. It's also PE day so please send your child to school in sturdy, stable play shoes. It's also wear red day (for me) so if you want to send your child to school in the Dunham school color RED, she or he can have his picture taken with me. (I forgot to do that today.) I'll be wearing my Georgia Bulldog polo shirt with a "G" emblem sewn on it.

See you tomorrow.

Be well.


Bethannie said...

Hey, I'd just like to say we are loving having the word pictures on the posts. Bella loves to practice sounding out the words in a setting that is visually familiar to her from class. Thank you.

Dan Gurney said...

I'm glad to know you're using the blog this way. Kind of like homework without the paperwork. If your child CAN read these words, that means he or she is "getting" the instruction presented to the group—a good thing. If not, well.....