Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We started off the day stacking 1-inch wooden cubes to build desktop towers. Some kindergartners were able to stack towers higher than they can count; others can count higher than they can stack. Here are some pictures of the opening activity.

MacKenzie's tower

Tanner has a careful hand.

Jessica made a double tower.

The highest towers would fall, like Anthony's did.

Stasia made an ABC pattern with natural objects in the math center this morning. Like Phoenix did yesterday, she made a pattern using her own imagination. Way to go Stasia!

In the science center where students are studying fish, Jackson drew this remarkable picture of a fish. Notice the scales and the eye. The details he caught in his drawing of the fins and the tail are quite remarkable. If you really want to develop your ability to see, practice drawing.

It was Thursday, and of course Thursdays are bike days and on bike days I wear a green shirt. Drew has this all figured out and he knew what color shirt he wanted to wear today. That's the spirit, Drew. I thought I'd feature a picture of all the kindergartners wearing green shirts on Mondays and Thursdays to build up a little school spirit for the classmates who like that sort of thing.

One of the centers we're doing this time around is to fly paper cup parachutes. Here's one in flight. This is the sort of project that would've made kindergarten more exciting for me when I was five years old.

After lunch I worked in first grade as they engaged in self-chosen activities. A group of boys got to building a tall tower. Pretty neat, huh?

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