Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011 Tyler's Birthday; Homework

Here is Tyler blowing out a pretend candle lit by a pretend match.

We celebrated Tyler's fifth birthday in school today. He brought his mom's famous and delicious homemade cupcakes for us to enjoy. Since we have been talking about the months of the year, I thought this would be an ideal time for us to make a chart showing how the class birthdays fall during the year. You can see that we have only two birthdays from September through November: this is a class with older children in it. Their comparatively advanced age partly explains why they are so ready for school.

About half the class knows their birthday. If your child can tell you the month and day of their birthday,  congratulations to you, or whoever it was who took the time to teach them.

If your child does not know his or her birthday, today would be a good time to teach this, as we will be talking more about months all year long.

Can your child point to the month with the most birthdays?

Today was Ian's day to sing the Soundabet and ring the gong at the end. He did a really good job.

Snack time provided more opportunity to practice cleaning skills. D. spilled his milk. Olivia and Cale offered to help him with sponging it up the puddle of milk on the table and floor.

 Wednesdays are music days around here (well, everyday we have music) and Andrew came with his guitar and bass drum. He said we sounded great and we did.

We have music with the first grade class. One of our first graders wore this shirt which just cracked me up.

That's the spirit, Cameran!

Bianca, who used to think music was scary, found out that it's fun.

At the end of recess our lining up to walk back to class has gotten a bit messy, so today before going home we practiced how to walk.
Okay, but too many gaps!

A good start

A good middle

Oops! Gaps! More practice tomorrow.
Your child should come home today with the Home Links math workbook.

Please do the first page in it tonight, tear it out, and return the completed page by Friday.


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