Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pear Juice

The main purpose of these blog posts is to give you glimpses inside the classroom about the goings-on at school. My hope is that reading these posts will support and enrich your conversations with your child about life here at school.

It serves also as a modern replacement for the old classroom newsletter giving you reminders of things like tomorrow night's Back to School event. [It is tomorrow, Sept. 7, 6:30 to 7:00 here in the kindergarten room.]

We began with an art lesson emphasizing drawing with lines of various sorts—straight lines, curly lines, jagged lines, etc. The lesson involved creating a caterpillar whose body segments are filled in using lines, only lines, of differing sorts.

Some students handled the task wonderfully.

Others struggled to make a line. Some children come to kindergarten with lots of experience holding pens and pencils and using them to draw and write. Others appear to have had very little experience with these tools. Early group lessons reveal this range of experience and ability. We work with what is and help those who need some catching up to do.

Today was Caleb's day, and he and his mom brought in a whole bunch of pears. We sliced up some of them for snack and ate them with non fat yogurt.

We juiced 30 or so pears with a juicer that I brought from home. (Caleb's mom tipped me off to her snack idea.)

Just before juicing

The first pitcher full

Some for everyone
Most of the class LOVED fresh pear juice from Caleb's tree. I know I did.

Tuesdays are PE days. Ms. Campbell leads us off the field.

At the library we bid Ms. Campbell good bye.

Story time with Ms. Burger

She read us Library Lion
You could ask your child about rules in the library. (Use quiet voices, no running, etc.) Ask your child to tell you whether the lion ever broke the rules [yes, he roared], and follow up with asking for what reason did he break the rules [to get the attention of Mr. Mc Bee so he could come to the rescue of the chief librarian who had fallen and broken her arm.]


Bethannie said...

I snagged one of those pears from Mrs. Everson :0) I bet the juice was delicious.

Dan Gurney said...

Oh, yeah. It was out of this world. So good!

Joe Petersen said...

Thank you for the posts and pictures. I've been away and it has great to see the pictures and read about the events in class.

Dan Gurney said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Joe!

You're welcome! I like taking a moment each day to put something here about the day at school.