Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another great day in kindergarten. We opened with a little bit of pattern making with linking cubes. Almost everyone's got the ability to make the good old AB pattern in colors, so we moved on to AAB patterns which proved to be an appropriate challenge. Many kindergartners stumbled in making AAB patterns with colors, but most can produce the AAB pattern with body movements (slap knees, slap knees, clap). We will work more with AAB as time goes on.

White, white, blue

Nathan brought snack today—goldfish crackers, organic apples, and something new—sugar snap peas. Almost everyone tried them, and many children discovered that they like this new food.

Good going, Nathan! It is fun and educational to try a new food.

Today was Monday, bike day. Six boys decided to wear green shirts as I do. Here they are:

Drew, Aidan, Tanner, Nathan, Jake, Rocco & yours truly
Life is good in kindergarten!

Tomorrow is PE with Mrs. Campbell. Be sure to wear sturdy, stable shoes. We will also visit the library with Ms. Burger.

Be well.

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