Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19

Fall favors our part of the world with some of the best weather all year. Cool, fog-free mornings and golden afternoon sunshine. I hope you enjoyed this pleasant weather we had over the weekend. I was fortunate to enjoy a day on Tomales Bay with my paddling club.

Lunch stop on Marshall Beach

It was pleasant today here at Dunham both indoors and out. We completed all our lessons with enough time to spare to get out the blocks, puzzles, Legos, dwarf house, toy cars, etc.

Puzzles develop spatial intelligence.

Block play promotes social skills like collaboration and sharing.

A parking garage

Clean up after these sessions is going really really well, as it is for snack. As I promised last Friday, we got a full 30 minutes on the bikes today (up from our usual amount) as the natural consequence of doing so well in PE that Mrs. Campbell called the kindergarten class, every one of them, "Awesome."

Jessica rides our trike-bike.

Add Nathan to our list of wheelmen.
Tomorrow morning we'll have art instead of individual centers. If you're one of our regular Tuesday volunteers, please stay to help run a table through the art lesson.

The next round of centers will begin on Wednesday morning.

Be well!

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