Friday, September 2, 2011

Introducing Archy

Your child may have come home talking about Archy. Archy's my mouse puppet who serves as my occasional side-kick, especially early on in the year.

I tell the kindergartners not to believe everything that comes out of Archy's mouth. He's been known to stretch the truth and to pull a few legs.

But he often has something of interest to say.

Today he was really worried about blurting. Blurting can be a real distraction early in the kindergarten year. Students who've gone to preschools that teach kindergarten readiness know to raise their hands if they've got something to contribute to the classroom discussions; those who haven't often seem blissfully unaware that only very few of their classmates shout out everything that comes to their minds at group time.

Anyway, Archy cannot raise his hand because neither of his arms works. So he was worried that he would annoy his classmates by talking out—blurting—every time he talks. He added a lot to our discussion of blurting and deepened our understanding of what blurting is and how it makes classmates feel.

Here's a recent picture of Archy:

More information about Archy can be found here, along with a picture taken a long time ago of me with Archy. (Archy seems to have aged better than yours truly.)

You'll have to click on the following link to see it. Popular Guy.

Archy and I wish all of you a safe and restful Labor Day weekend.

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