Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Lunches, Cool Riders

Call Lunch Orders In 795-5050

If you want to order your child a hot lunch, the best thing to do is to telephone your lunch order into the office in the morning. Five year old children can forget to order their lunch and they also have been known to order lunches they don't need. And, in all fairness, I think sometimes their sixty year old teacher is the reason for goofed up orders. So, now you know the best way to get the orders right. You can call before school and leave a message.

We started the garden program today. Our garden volunteer, Sheila, took half the class at a time to go over the garden rules and tour the kindergartners through the school garden. Here's Sheila standing in the Dunham garden this morning.

Sheila, garden teacher

The other half of the class was with me filling out another chart for our math program. This chart has the children clap their classmates names to discover how many "claps" (syllables, actually) that they have in their names and to compare the number of names that have one, two, three, and four or more syllables in them. If you show your child the photo below can he or she recall which number of syllables had the most names in its column?

How many names are on this chart?

Cool Riders
At the end of the day we went out for bikes. We always leave the playground much cleaner than we find it. Dominic was the most enthusiastic litter gitter in the group today. Here he is bringing in two handfuls of trash.

Way to go, Dominic!

He put the trash in the bucket I carry in the basket on my bike for just this purpose.

Bucketful of clean playground

I made an effort to take a photo of all my two wheeler friends. Did I leave anyone out? If so, please tell me in the comments.

Olivia rides with ease.

Emily's grandpa rides a Harley.

Cale on the two wheeler "trike."

Look! Anthony had his training wheels taken off on Monday.


Drew and Rocco on identical bikes

Tanner on two wheels

Lots of good sharing and taking turns is happening in kindergarten now. It's a joy to be in kindergarten.


Alicia Petersen said...

Hopefully Caleb will be in those pictures soon! He actually wanted the bike at school today. That's a step. Next step; remove training wheels!!

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, he rode his bike with training wheels today. Talk to me about how to quickly teach him to ride once he wants the training wheels off.