Monday, September 12, 2011

Head Lice

Over the weekend I got a report that one of the kindergartners had a case of head lice. Please don't be too worried: head lice doesn't lead to other diseases. That said, head lice can be a significant nuisance for families–who must get rid of them.

I know the nuisance from firsthand experience: We found head lice on my son when he was in first grade. I still remember the mountains of laundry and the extra cleaning, not to mention the lice-shampooing my daughter did as a preventative measure. We gave my son got a #1 extra-short buzz cut–head lice like hair to live in, and we didn't want them settling in to our neighborhood. Bottom line: it was no fun at all, but we got through it.

This morning I interrupted regular activities long enough to send each member of our class next door for a thorough head inspection. The good news is: our crack team of inspectors—they do an excellent job—determined that no one in kindergarten shows any sign of head lice.

We can, for now, breathe easily.

Still, it's a good idea for you to check your child's head regularly, as head lice is quite contagious.

After our inspectors gave us a clean bill of health, I gave my standard "raise-their-concern-but-don't-scare-them" head lice awareness talk about not sharing hats, helmets, jackets (especially hooded ones) hairbrushes, etc. It's important, too, not to touch heads together.

If you have a son who needs a haircut, you might want to consider getting him a buzz so short that it could be quite a while before he needed another one...

Be well.

We'll go back on centers, hopefully, tomorrow.

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